A Slow recovery indeed!

When can I get back to what is most enjoyable to me?….My unfinished DIY projects, woodwork and gardening, something that is unpredictable with this present illness.

For the last two months I have been recovering from firstly, a urinary tract infection (not recommended) it appears that this then caused a MS exacerbation. That was a very strange and painful experience, consisting of unexpected pain, appearing in a different part of the body, on various days. Then there was the never before experienced, fatigue. No wonder multiple sclerosis is often referred to as the mystery disease! It will be very interesting to see what additional symptoms will be inflicted upon yours truly. I guess that time will reveal all. Whatever it turnes out to be will have to adapted to.

Author: disabilitydiyblog

Age 73 years, married 43 years, wife Marilyn, who, is now my carer as well. My means of getting around is a power-chair. Consequently, all of the tools that I require for most DIY tasks are maintained at chair level. Multiple Sclerosis is the cause of my challenges, and has proven to be a demanding taskmaster.

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